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Happy Valentines Day!

Post Officers:
Commander - Leonard Pierce
Sr Vice - Floyd (Gator) Johns
Jr Vice - Jim Mock
Quartermaster- Grover Roach
Adjutant-Justin Teeter
Judge Advovate - Justin Teeter
Service Officer-Bruce Levering
Chaplain-  Emory Estep
Surgeon - Jim Mock
1st Yr Trustee - Justin Teeter
2nd Yr Trustee - David Wait
3rd Yr Trustee - Bruce Levering

Check our Canteen Page
for Banquet Hall Information

Post Current News

Live Entertainment Coming!

Time to come out and show your appreciation for live entertainment at our post as we have two dates set this month (March).  Mark King will be here to perform both on March 7th and March 21st.  And if that is not enough, on March 21st we will also be hosting one of the Mens Auxiliary Famous Fish Fry's.  I hope to see you there.
Rest Well JC
Rest well!  I wish good riddances to JC.  Good riddance to all that has plagued you recently.  Good riddance to all that your family has had to suffer through. Good riddance to every burden that you carried.
Now is the time for your rest. It was one well earned, one well deserved, one we will eventually celebrate as well.
For now we will mourn. Your family, your post, your community will mourn your passing.  
Rest easy friend.
Till one day you can look down upon us to see us celebrating how much you have added to all our lives.
His obituary can be found here
 Calling hours at Snyder Funeral Home on Lexingron Avenue will be from 2 till 4pm and 6 till 8pm on Thursday, March 19th, with the funeral to be held on Friday, March 20th at 10:30am at the same location.
Want to learn about our History?

Al Rinehart gave the post an album from his time, back when.  When he was a young Navy man in WWII.  Every one of us should check it out.  This is the reason we exist.  We are a place for veterans to call home.  We are a place where veterans don't have to worry about their attitude on a night.  We are a place where a veteran can find someone who can listen with a sympathetic ear.  Even if that person hasn't been in the exact same situation, they can relate and begin the process, of allowing that veteran to heal, serve, celebrate.

Breakfasts  Continue!
Tell em how much you like em!  Don't let them stop early, like weeks early.

Yes! It is Winter in Ohio and the Men's Auxiliary Breakfast crew will work to fill you with a warming meal.  Stop by on any Saturday morning from 7:00am till 10:00am and enjoy our "Famous Mess" or any of our other breakfast offerings.  You can even check out our Menu here.
Tasty Thursdays at the VFW!

Karen's Cafe is open in our canteen every Thursday from 5:00pm.  She is serving a full Pub Menu from 5:00 till 9:00pm every Thursday   Every item on the menu is available for dine-in or carry-out and includes a side of either, soup, cole-slaw, or chips.  With a dozen choices available every week, you are sure to find something to satisfy!  

A special full plate dinner will be served on the last Thursday of each month.
Friday Night is Pizza & Wing Night

Ask Grover about the Kitchen Sink Pizza.  New staff, same great taste!  We are selling pizzas every Friday evening from 5pm till 7pm.  Check out our latest menu!

We are also celebrating with free jukebox music and other specials.  Check it out and ask.

Let Us Know How You Are!

Hey people!  Stop by and say hello.  If you haven't been here for a while, we'd like to see your face.  Stop by on Friday for a pizza or on Thursday for cornhole.  Just let us know you are still with us.  We are working hard to make this post better than it has been in a decade.  Come check us out and see where you can fit in.  Maybe you can even make a difference by helping out somewhere???
Contact Us!
Let us know how we are doing!  We can be contacted at the post using this address.
                                           New Members Needed!

Do you know anyone who is eligible to become a member of our post, in any capacity, Member, Auxiliary, or Social?  All are needed for the ongoing health of the post.  Please introduce them to us and give them and us a chance to keep a great post going.
                                          On the Lighter Side

Have you heard of The Onion, America's Finest News Source?  It is a wonderful source of Satirical News.  I just recently discovered a military focused cousin to that site, The Duffle Blog, written by and for veterans and their families.  If you need a break or just want a few laughs, check either one out.
                                                Need a Flag?!?!?

Did you know that our post has US Flags for sale?  We do!  They are 3 Feet by 5 Feet, and cost $25.00.  You can arrange to pick one up by calling the post at 419-884-2873.

Never Forget our Purpose. Please keep in mind our family serving overseas at the current time. Even if our family members and friends are home, there are MANY still serving in the line of fire for our freedom.  Please remember them all.
Thanks for stopping by! If you have any pictures to share or pictures you would like posted of VFW Post events here, email them to with a caption you would like posted!   If you have an idea to help out, just let us know, fund raising, volunteering,  sources of  materials.... all suggestions are welcome.

Here is the March 2015 Calendar  
 and click here for the April 2015 Calendar.

March 2015 Calendar
If you need Adobe PDF Reader, you can get it here.


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